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Dream Symbolism
Dream Symbols and Their Meanings

According to many dream specialists, the symbols we see or feel in our dreams actually represent our thoughts.

Our dreams are seeking to express something to us. If we listen, we can better understand ourselves and our life path.

This section of our website focuses on some common dream symbols we often encounter in our dreams, this page can help you better understand the meanings of your dreams.

Researchers have studied hundreds and hundreds of dreams and they have found that certain symbols in dreams often referred to similar thoughts of the patients studied.


Dream Symbol: Anger

Dream symbol - Anger in dreams often means you feel strongly about something. Anger can also represent frustration, or a need to express your anger. Anger can also mean you need to get more respect from others, or you have trouble expressing your point of view. It could be that you have anger inside you, and it is being expressed in your dreams.

Dream Symbol: Aliens

If you dream of aliens it could mean that you find it is a strange world that we live in. It could also mean that you find yourself to be different from others and that you stand out like a sore thumb. Dreaming of aliens could also mean that you feel powerless in relation to something or someone.

Dream Symbolism: Abandonment

Feeling or being abandoned can often mean that you feel abandoned or that you have a fear of being abandoned or of being left alone. A good therapy for this type of dream symbol is to take better care of yourself and to seek out good friends and be with your loved ones.

Dream Symbol: Authority Figure

Dreaming of an authority figure often means that in life there may be someone who you allow to have power over you. It can also mean someone you rely on to listen to you. If you are dreaming that you are the authority figure and in life you aren't really an authority figure it may mean that you feel weak in your life and that you lack authority, you may need to gain more respect to feel better.

Dream Symbol: Bomb

Dreaming of bombs or bombs exploding can mean that something in your life or someone you know's life has been destroyed. It can often mean things have come undone in an unexpected and terrible manner. Bombs can also represent opposition in your life or that you have a temper in relation to someone or something.

Dream Symbol: Cats

Cats are known as self-centered animals, and dreaming of cats may mean you want to do something your own way. It may also mean that you intend to do something in your own way, (cats do things on their own often times). Dreaming of cats may also mean you have a cat or you know a cat and your thoughts are centered about those cats. Cats often appear in dreams when self-centeredness is somehow playing a role in your life.

Dream Symbol: Cigarettes

Dreaming of cigarrettes has been known to mean that you may have an addiction or you know someone that has an addiction or a nervous habit. Dreaming of cigarettes can also represent physical, emotional, or mental toxicity in your day to day life. Dreaming of a cigarette burning can mean the exhaustion of resources or energy in your life.

Dream Symbol: The Devil

Demons or the devil are actually very easy dream symbols to understand as they refer to the demon inside us or others. If you dream of the devil, and you want to understand the meaning, try to identify who could represent the demon in terms of bad habits, or bad behaviour in your life.

Dream Symbol: Earthquakes

Dreaming of an earthquake can represent a loss of control in your life, or the fear of losing control. It can also mean being afraid of being negatively affected by outside circumstances. It can also mean that you feel on shaky ground or you know someone that feels unstable, it can also mean that things are shaking in your life, usually in a bad way.

Dream Symbol: Fish

Dreaming of fish can mean that there are new thoughts or feelings forming in your life. Dreaming of fish can also mean motivation or a strong urge to do something. It may also mean a new mood in your life. The fish symbol in dreams can also mean that something smells really bad in your life.

Dream Symbol: A Girl

If you dream of a girl you know, it could mean you are dreaming about that girl in particular or the girl in your dreams may represent certain qualities of the girl you know in real life. Girls in a dream can mean many things, in order to better understand the meaning, you need to look at the context of the girl, and that will help you understand your dream of her.

Dream Symbol: House

dreamHouses are often symbols of your own personality. They relate to you thinking about how well or how badly you are doing in life. A house can also represent security, comfort, or protection.

Dream Symbol: Light

Seeing a light in your dreams may signify that you are seeing things clearly in your life. It may mean that you should focus more on something in your life. Seeing a light can also translate to a bright idea that you had in real life.

Dream Symbol: A Meeting

Dreaming of a meeting whether formal or personal can mean a real or imagined fear that you have of conversing with certain people in your life. A meeting can also simply stand for a sharing or words or conversing with others. A meeting can also represent how you feel about meetings in general (boring, exciting, etc. )

Dream Symbol: Nudity

Nudity can mean something is obvious in your life, or that you have been open and honest about something. Nudity can also be linked to moments when we feel scared, insecure or vulnerable and open to unwanted truths.

Dream Symbol: A Playground

A playground can symbolize a place where you often have fun or play. A playground can signify the past day where you had fun with friends or family.

Dream Symbol: Police

Police in your dreams may simply reflect a need to establish some peace and quiet in your life. Some situation may need calming down. Police can also be about the rules that govern the world that we live in.

Dream Symbol: Rain

Dreaming of rain may mean assistance or a gift that comes from God. Dreaming of rain can mean that there is a spiritual presence in your life. Rain can also mean cleansing, or starting new in your life. Rain can also have a dark side in your dreams, it can mean depression, despair, or anger.

Dream Symbolism: Snakes

Just like all terrifying animals or reptiles, snakes often represent situations and people that you wish you had avoided or you want to avoid in the future. Snakes can also represent all things poisonous - complaints, bad comments and other things that you may wish to avoid.

Dream Symbol: Sex

Dreaming of sex is significative of a close intimacy you have felt with someone. Dreaming of sex can also be a replay of when you felt emotional, mental, or physical intimacy. It can also mean that you want to know someone better.

Dream Symbolism: Tigers

Seeing a tiger in your dream can mean that you are afraid of something. Seeing a tiger also signifies bravery, and personal strength. Dreaming of a tiger can mean that you have too much or too little of bravery or personal strength.

Dream Symbol: Vultures

A vulture hovers in the air and waits for the weak to die so they can feast on them. It is a similar theme to the way a sadistic and mean minded person might watch and enjoy you failing in your life. But vultures can also represent any shameless and heartless person, so see if such qualities have appeared in your thoughts about others or a recognition that you have been showing such emotions.

Dream Symbol: Weddings

A wedding can symbolize a point at which you have reached in a relationship, such as getting really serious with someone. A wedding can also symbolize the thought of a family gathering. It can also mean a party that was held by the wedding couple represented in your dream.

Dream Symbol: Zombies

Studies have shown that people associate boredom with zombies and so a zombie may express your mind numbing boredom perhaps that you had the day before.

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