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Flower Symbolism
and Flower Symbols

People give flowers to each other on special occasions, often without knowing the meaning of the flowers that they are offering to their friends or loved ones.

This page will give you the meanings of several types of popular flowers that people often give to one another.




Red Rose

rose bloom

The rose flower is well known for its symbolism of romance, love, or infatuation. There are several colors of roses, each with their own meaning. The significance of the color of rose you choose is important if you want to symbolize the right gesture towards the person you are giving them to.

The red rose says "I love you" to the person you are giving them to. They are also welcomed by people in an atmosphere or romance, passion, and they can also tell people you find them beautiful.

White Rose

white rose

A popular meaning associated with the white rose is " I am worthy of you".

White roses also symbolize purity, innocence, and youthfullness. Consider these meanings when choosing a white rose for someone you care about.


Yellow Rose

yellow rose

The yellow rose is symbolic of joy, a new beginning, and friendship. If you want someone to remember you, give them a yellow rose.

The rose is the birth flower for June


Pink Rose

pink rose

The pink rose is a symbol of appreciation, gracefullness, and giving a pink rose is a genuine way to say thank you. The pink rose is a symbol of elegance and grace.


Peach Rose

peach rose

The peach colored rose is a symbol of desire, optimism for the future, anticipation, giving a peach rose tells someone you want to be with them.



hydrangea flower

The hydrangea is well known as a symbol of friendship, understanding, and devotion.





The orchid is symbolic of love, beauty, strength, and luxury. Giving orchids is always welcomed by the receiving party.



Lily of the Valley

lily of the valley

This beautiful flower is most well known for its meaning of " A Return to Happiness". If someone returns in your life and you are happy, this would be a good flower to give them. The lily of the valley also symbolizes humility, and sweetness.




The tulip is well-known for expressing a Declaration of Love to someone. They can have the meaning of perfect love.





Lilacs are often considered a bringer of spring, with the time of their bloom signaling whether spring will be early or late. In the language of flowers, purple lilacs symbolize the first emotions of love, while white lilacs represent youthful innocence.




The daisy represents purity and innocence. The specialty of the daisy flower meanings is that there are no negative meanings to it. The meanings of daisy flower are all positive in nature.

The daisy is the birth flower for April




An iris symbolizes eloquence. Purple iris is symbolic of wisdom and compliments. Blue iris symbolizes faith and hope. Yellow iris symbolizes passion while white iris symbolizes purity.

The iris is the birth flower for February


Flower Symbol - Carnation


A carnation symbolizes pride and beauty. A red carnation symbolizes love, pride and admiration. The Hyacinth represents constancy, while blue hyacinth expresses sincerity.

The carnation is the birth flower for January


Flower Symbol - Sunflower


The sunflower signifies adoration. Sunflowers turn their heads to the sun, hence the name sunflower.



Flower Symbol - Hyacinth


The hyacinth is symbolic of games, sports, and playful joy.




Flowers By Birth Month

  • The Carnation is the birth flower for January
    The carnation symbolizes love, fascination and distinction

  • The Violet or Iris is the birth flower for February
    The violet symbolizes watchfulness, loyalty and faithfulness
    The iris symbolizes faith, valor and wisdom

  • The Daffodil is the birth flower for March
    The daffodil symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings

  • The Sweet Pea or Daisy is the birth flower for April
    The sweet pea symbolizes delicate and blissful pleasure
    The daisy symbolizes innocence, loyalty and purity

  • The Lily of the Valley is the birth flower for May
    The lily of the valley symbolizes purity, sweetness and humility

  • The Rose is the birth flower for June
    The rose symbolizes love and passion

  • The Larkspur or Delphinium is the birth flower for July
    The delphinium symbolizes lightness and levity

  • The Gladiolus is the birth flower for August
    The gladiolus symbolizes strength, moral integrity and infatuation

  • The Aster is the birth flower for September
    The aster symbolizes love and patience

  • The Marigold is the birth flower for October
    The marigold symbolizes warm and undying love, grief and sorrow

  • The Chrysanthemum is the birth flower for November
    The chrysanthemum symbolizes friendship, optimism and joy

  • The Narcissus or Poinsetta is the birth flower for December
    The narcissus symbolizes luck, fertility and truth
    The poinsettia symbolizes good cheer, success and celebration
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