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Colour Symbolism
Symbolic Meanings of Colors

The symbolism of colors is the use of color to represent cultural, traditional, or even religious ideas, and certain concepts to evoke physical or emotional reactions.

Colors are a funny thing, they can influence our emotions, our actions, and even how we react to certain people. There have been many studies done on colors and their impacts on our lives. You can choose colors based on the symbolism of colors to improve or change your wardrobe, your decor, artwork, and many other aspects of your life as well.

Here are some of the most popular colors and their meanings or symbolic attributes if you prefer.

Symbolic Meaning of the Color Black

color black

The color black has several meanings, one of them being sophistication. Wearing black symbolizes sophistication. The color black also signifies authority, the color black is a powerful color. The color black also symbolizes sexuality, elegance, formality, and wealth. The color black has long been associated with death, sadness, and mourning. To many people black also means anger, evil, and unhappiness. Black is a popular choice for clothing because it makes you appear thinner and more sophisticated.

Symbolic Meaning of the Color White

color white

The color white has long been associated with purity, being clean, and white also symbolizes neutrality. White is often seen in wedding dresses, people often also like white sheets for their beds. When something is white it is easy to notice if it is dirty or not. The color white also symbolizes peace, and goodness. White also symbolizes innocence, youth, and humility. Priests often wear a white collar to show purity and to signify their faith.

Symbolic Meaning of the Color Red

color red

The color red is a popular color, it is a flambuoyant color rich with color. Red has been associated with many things over the years, such as love, anger, agression, passion, excitement, high energy. The color red is also known as a symbol of war, blood, and violence. The color red and white together signify the red cross, and symbolize health care. Nurses often wore white hats with a red cross. All in all red is a stimulating color, meant to evoke strong emotion.

Symbolic Meaning of the Color Yellow

color yellow

The color yellow is a summer color which instills happiness, optimism, and gives promise to a brighter future. The color yellow is known as a stimulating color that can help spark creativity. Yellow can also stimulate the nervous system in men and animals alike. On a darker side yellow can also symbolize hazard, (road signs for example), jealousy, and dishonesty.

Symbolic Meaning of the Color Pink

color pink

Pink is a color associated with happiness, and pink evokes sensations of joy, and giddiness. Pink is the color of romance, pink is the same color that comes out when a woman blushes. Bright pinks can increase your energy, and also increase blood pressure, heartbeat, respiration, and your pulse rate. The color pink is now known around the world as a symbol to combat breast cancer.

Symbolic Meaning of the Color Beige

color beige

The color beige has long been known to symbolize unity. Beige also symbolizes a state of being calm or at peace. Beige also signifies simplicity. If you want to be casually dressed, the simplicity of beige is a good choice.


Symbolic Meaning of the Color Blue

color blue

The color blue is the favourite color of many people, it is the color of the sky, and it evokes a feeling of wonder, and a connection to the spiritual world. Blue is often associate with a feeling of calmness, stability, and harmony. Blue also symbolizes cold, water, and conservatism. The color blue is strongly associate with nature, and serenity, no wonder it is the favourite color of many people.

Symbolic Meaning of the Color Turquoise

color turquoise

Like the color blue, turquoise symbolizes calmness. A light turquoise color can also appeal to the feminine side. Turquoise has been said to help open up communications between the heart and spoken words. Turquoise is a friendly and happy color symbolizing the act of enjoying life. Color psychology has shown that turquoise controls and can heal the emotions.

Symbolic Meaning of the Color Purple

color purple

Many people don't realize that the color purple is associated with royalty, and nobility. Purple is also a color that is used in ceremonies quite often. Purple is also a color that symbolizes spirituality like the color blue. Purple has been associated with the mysterious, with wisdom, and with transformation. For some reason adolescent girls seem to hold purple as a favourite color.

Symbolic Meaning of the Color Lavender

color lavender

The color lavender which is a much lighter version of the color purple or violet, has been known to symbolize femininity, and elegance.



Symbolic Meaning of the Color Orange

color orange

For many people the color orange is a love it or hate it kind of color. Orange evokes this kind of response more than any other color. The color orange has been known to symbolize energy, warmth, and enthusiasm. The color orange also is used as a warning in road signs, the color orange grabs the attention very well.

Symbolic Meaning of the Color Green

color green

Many people like green and it is a favourite color to many people. Green is the color that nature chooses to use for trees, and all sorts of plants and grasses. The color green evokes calm, and it is known as a symbol of health, youth, and vitality. Around the world green is also now known as a symbol for the environment, and the protection of the environment. On a more negative note, the color green is known to symbolize envy, and jealousy.

Symbolic Meaning of the Color Brown

color brown

The color brown is often associated with stability, the Earth, and the outdoors. Brown also symbolizes comfort, and endurance.



Symbolic Meaning of the Color Grey

color grey

The color grey is often used for clothing. Grey can mix well with a wide range of colors making it a good choice for clothing. Grey symbolizes stablity, maturity, and security. Grey is also associated with being boring, old age, and sadness.




In fashion, the colors brown, navy blue, grey and white/cream are considered neutrals because they blend well with a variety of colors.

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