Definition of Symbolism and their Meanings




What is Symbolism?

So what is symbolism anyways? Well here is the best description of symbolism.

Symbolism is the use of symbols to represent things. A symbol can be an object, an action, or an idea that represents something other than itself, often of a more abstract nature.

People love symbols, for the longest time, people have used symbolism to express feelings, emotions, intent, meaning, and so much more. Some symbols are known all around the world, and when you see them you instantly have a feeling attached to the symbol in front of you.

what is symbolismLots of people go as far as putting tattoo symbols on their bodies, people feel that strongly about what they are trying to represent. Symbolism is used in poetry, literature, in music, in advertising, in photographs, in body art, and in cultural practices. We may have left some uses out, but you get the gist of it.

To better understand what is symbolism, you have to understand how and why people who use symbols actually use them. For example, in literature, writers use symbols to refer to a feeling, mood, or attitude without actually stating the mood intended. Symbolism adds a little something extra to the story. People, objects, or cultures can become in a way defined by their symbols. Often it is what these people, objects, or cultures are most remembered by, when people see the symbols they think of the people, objects, or cultures associated with them.

Colors are often used as symbols. Flags are a good example of colors being used as symbols. Flags and the colors they carry import meaning and purpose, and when you see them, you may feel a certain way. Just look at the red, white, and blue of the American flag, people feel a certain way when they see it, some feel good, while others feel a different way.

To define what symbolism is, you need to go back to ancient civilizations that used symbols to portray meanings to the people that saw them.

The ancient celtic people used knots to portray meanings such as love, and eternity. These celtic knots were carefully designed so that the meaning associated with them made sense. The knots were often made out of just one line that is never broken, this was to signify eternal love.

The symbol of the sun in ancient Egypt was very often used, and it often symbolized a God, or great power, and the symbol of the sun was revered.

The use of symbolism in our modern-day culture must stem down from ancient civilizations that first used symbolism.

We hope this definition of what symbolism is, has satisfied your curiosity. Look around the rest of this website to discover some interesting symbols and their respective meanings.