Peacock Symbolism
Meaning of the Peacock Symbol

The peacock belongs to the pheasant family and is native to the Indian subcontinent and parts of western China. The tail feathers of the male peacock are very colorful and the first time you see one on display, it is spellbinding.

It has often been believed that keeping peacock feathers in your house will bring you bad luck, so there is the first symbol that peacocks stand for, bad luck.

Another symbol the peacock stands for is renewal. The reason for that is that the feathers of the entire tail of a peacock are renewed each year.

We can find peacock symbolism in a variety of cultures.

Some cultures believe that a peacock or 2 peacocks stand guard at the entrance to the Gates of Heaven. Peacocks are also known to be a symbol of the immortality of Jesus Christ.

Peacock Symbolism in Buddhism

To the buddhist, peacocks symbolize wisdom.

Native Americans and the Peacock Symbol

While Native Americans believe that the peacock is a symbol of wholeness, beauty, and dignity.

Peacock Symbolism in Greek Mythology

Now for the Greeks beliefs about the peacock, read the following myth about the peacock in Greek mythology.


Zeus was having an affair with the nymph Lo. Hera, Zeus's wife, found out about it. Zeus changed Lo into a white heifer. Hera sent her servant Argus to watch the cow. Argus had one hundred eyes, and when he slept some of them were always open, so he could see in his sleep. Zeus sent Hermes to save Lo. Hermes played a lullaby on his flute, and as each of Argus's eyes shut, Hermes touched it with his magic wand and sealed it shut. Finally all of Argus's eyes were shut, and the cow ran away (according to some legends all the way to Egypt, but that's another story). Hermes killed Argus, and Hera, to honor Argus put the eye pattern on the peacock's tail forever.

Peacock Symbolism in Hindu Culture


To the Hindu the peacock is associated with the deity, Lakshmi, that symbolizes patience, kindness, compassion, and good luck.

The peacock is the national bird of India.


The Peacock Symbol in Christianity

Early Christians adopted the Peacock as a symbol of immortality from the ancient Greeks and the peacock can be seen in many early Christian paintings and mosaics. The peacock is still used during Easter celebrations.


Peacock Symbolism in Japanese Culture

peacock image

To the Japanese the peacock is associated with Kwan-yin in Japan. The peacock symbolizes love, or more precisely it is an emblem of love.

To the Japanese the peacock symbolizes good will, nurturing, and kindness.








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